About Us

Our Mobile Home Park is mom and pop owned. This gives us a family atmosphere. My husband was born and raised in Louisiana. I was born in Northern NY and raised in Central NY. Hence the NY number. I needed to keep something from my home state. I could not convince my husband to come north so I came south. We have always had a dream to build a place where people can live in peace. A safe place to raise their families. We started this project two years ago. We had to go through a lot of red tape and hurdles to get to the Grand Opening, but here we are. Country Meadow Estates is not owned by a corporation, so the needs our park are a high priority. We are small right now, but our plans for this park are big.

In the future we would like to bring in more options for Television and Internet. We have in mind to build a place where our residents can go in case of bad weather, to hold meetings, get together to play games, or just hang out. Other plans we have are to build a Pavilion of sorts for residence to use as a family get together.

We have many pecan trees and berry bushes on the property. Feel free to gather the nuts or berries. We can also have a community garden for those who like to grow their own food. Living in the country gives you many benefits that city living does not. Come see us.